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Growing your family is a big decision. As an adoptive mom, Nicole understands the process and can help guide families through the legal steps necessary to facilitate an adoption.  

Custody Arrangements

Divorce, separation, or other life changes are often stressful and unexpected. We can help guide families on how to create a plan that's best for their kids.

School Advocacy

Bullying and harassment at school is more prevalent than ever before. We can help advocate for you and your child to ensure they're safe. 

Collaborative Divorce

Your marriage may be ending, but if you have kids, your relationship must continue. Collaborative Divorce is a method that helps families move forward in a positive manner so everyone can live their best post-divorce life. 

Special Needs Planning

Wills and trusts for children with special needs can be complex. Let us help guide the process so you can make sure you child is cared for.

Foster Care

If you're new to foster care, the rules can be confusing. As a foster parent, Nicole has the experience necessary to help.


Wills and Trusts

Preparing for the future can be daunting, but we can help make the process a little easier.

Special Education

Many kids struggle in school. Children with IEPs or 504 plans have special protections under both federal and state laws. 

7 Must-Have Estate Planning Documents

Most people don't like to talk about death. That's fair. It's a weighty topic. And though many people know that they need a will, a Gallup poll in 2021 showed that less than half of adults in the U.S. have one. But did you know that there are several other documents...

Kindergarten Round Up: 6 Tips for a Successful School Year

Few moments in time seem more important than your child’s first day of Kindergarten. Kids often experience a range of emotions, from excitement to fear and all the in between. For families of kids with special needs, parents may find themselves sharing a bit of these...

To PMC, or not to PMC

I often see this question raised in foster and adoption groups - "What are the pros and cons of PMC versus adoption?" Although PMC or Permanent Managing Conservator is a legal term, often times families considering PMC do not have a solid understanding of the legal...

Why Choose Nicole?

Compassion. Integrity.

As a parent herself, Nicole understands the issues parents face and seeks to help guide parents through the legal process with kindess and honesty.

Flat fees. Payment Plans.

Nicole believes that everyone should have access to an attorney, so she offers flat-fee pricing and payment plans, if needed. Additionally, her flat fees are based on a sliding income scale.

Smart. Tech-friendly.

Many law firms do not willingly embrace new technology. Nicole does - which helps automate her practice and keep costs down.

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