Collaborative Divorce


What is Collaborative Divorce?

 Divorce can be an emotionally challenging and financially draining experience for couples. Traditional litigated divorces (those in court) often exacerbate conflicts, leaving a trail of bitterness and resentment in their wake.

However, there is an alternative approach.

Collaborative divorce aims to promote cooperation, open communication, and a focus on finding mutually beneficial solutions.

How Does It Work?

Both spouses commit to resolving their differences outside of the courtroom through negotiation and mediation. Each spouse retains their own collaborative divorce attorney who guides them through the process. The attorneys, along with other professionals such as financial advisors and child specialists if needed, form a collaborative team dedicated to facilitating productive discussions and reaching agreements that meet the needs and concerns of both parties.

If either party wants to go to court during the process, the collaborative attorneys withdraw and both spouses must find new counsel.


Open Communication and Cooperation

Greater Control/Decision-Making Power

Preservation of Relationships

Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness

Emotional Support and Wellbeing


Why Choose Nicole?

Compassion. Integrity.

As a parent herself, Nicole understands the issues parents face and seeks to help guide parents through the legal process with kindess and honesty.

Flat fees. Payment Plans.

Nicole believes that everyone should have access to an attorney, so she offers flat-fee pricing and payment plans, if needed. Additionally, her flat fees are based on a sliding income scale.

Smart. Tech-friendly.

Many law firms do not willingly embrace new technology. Nicole does - which helps automate her practice and keep costs down.

Our Philosophy


Integrity First

Attorneys are bound by various ethical rules, so everything we do at Nicole Miller Law is grounded on integrity and honesty. 


Everyone Deserves Justice

We believe that every person should have access to an attorney. That’s why we offer exceptional legal services through various pricing solutions and plans.


Education = Empowerment

We believe that parents are their children’s best advocates, so we seek to teach our parents how to ensure their child is supported and successful. 

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